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Gastech CO2 Manifold :  

Gastech CO2 manifold system is centralized banking system consists of  two banks made of heavy duty copper pipe.

These two banks are connected to the common assembly having regulator Inlet Valve & First Stage Regulator.

At one time one bank is made in operational where as other assembly is standby. Once the gas of the cylinders of one bank get emptied the other bank is made in operation by just opening the isolation valve of other bank and closing the isolation valve of the first bank.

The CO2 gas of the bank is then passed through master regulator where pressure is brought down to 6-7 kg/cm2.

CO2 gas is then passed through S. C. vaporizer.

Vaporizer takes heat from surrounding atmosphere and vaporizes the CO2 gas flowing through it.

This vaporized gas is stored either  in a gas receiver or supplied to the Machines through Second Stage Regulator. The gas receiver takes care of the gas fluctuations if any.

Gas is then passed through the secondary regulator where the gas pressure is brought down to    3kg/cm2 g.

This gas is then passed through the pipe line  to your gas utilization point in the shop floor.