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      Gastech PSA Nitrogen Generator Technology:

Nitrogen is separated from air using unique Carbon molecular sieves (CMS).

Dry, oil free air at ambient temperature and elevated pressure is passed through vessels (adsorbers) containing molecular sieve. The sieve holds on to (adsorbs) Oxygen molecules in preference to the nitrogen molecules, thus separating nitrogen from air. The oxygen molecules are released (desorbed) from the sieve when the pressure in the adsorber is reduced, thus making the sieve fresh again (regeneration). Two vessels are employed for continuous supply of nitrogen. The entire cycle is microprocessor controlled and no operator attention is required for normal operation.

The only running cost is electricity. There are no other costs such as rentals for cylinders/tanks, deposits, transportation, taxes. No manpower is needed to procure, load, unload, connect and disconnect heavy high pressure cylinders. And the risk of running out due to unpredictable deliveries is eliminated.

Gastech Nitrogen Generators have the lowest power consumption and come equipped with dryers as standard equipment. Gastech Nitrogen generators are available for a wide variety of industrial applications, in standard and custom made sizes. The specifications such as nitrogen delivery pressure and purity are selected to match customers individual requirements. Gastech offers Nitrogen generators with or without deoxo and copper deoxo purifiers, with accessories such as ammonia crackers, hydrogen manifolds, storage vessels.