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Gastech Energy Less LPG Vapouriser  Technology

Gastech has designed & developed the LPG vapouriser based on thermodynamic properties of LPG liquid.

Liquid LPG from the tank/ bullet is allowed to flash in a controlled manner.  Flashing reduces the temperature & pressure of LPG.  Flashed cool LPG is brought back to ambient temperature by a specially designed heat exchanger wherein the required heat is extracted from water at ambient temp. LPG vapour at ambient temperature and reduced pressure is then fed to the existing house line.The required water can be taken from the normal plant cooling water line and returned to the return line.This gives additional advantage of reducing cooling load on cooling tower.

Gastech Technology ensures complete flashing and vapourisation thus eliminating the possibility of Liquid LPG in your house lines.  The flashing parameters are carefully chosen to take into account the climatic variations at your site, composition of LPG and other use requirements.

For trapping the heavy components of LPG, which are sometimes encountered, Gastech provides a residue separator and a trap, which allows LPG vapour to flow without any hindrance.

The Gastech Vapouriser comes pre-assembled and the installation can be accomplished in a day.